There are More Bees but this One has Faith

Posted on March 30, 2023 in: School News, Academic Achievements, School Showcase

There are More Bees but this One has Faith

St. Columba School held its annual Faith Bee. The winner will go on to compete against 28 other schools at the Diocese of Harrisburg Diocesean Center in Harrisburg. Sister Suzanne was the coordinator and moderator asking all the questions. The questions challenged student knowledge of their Catholic Faith. Competitors included students from our 7trh and 8th grades including students from St. Columba's CYE (Catholic Youth Education) program. Our winner is St. Columba School;'s very own 7th grader Mya Reese. Congrats Mya and good luck in Harrisburg.

Pictured here from left to right in the front row are Father Mowery, Kaitlyn Hinchliffe, Mya Reese, Hope Hopper, Myles DiPippa, and Sister Suzanne. In the back row left to right are Payton Toth, Ean Brink, James Samayoa, Madison Morisco.