Pre-School Goes 100

Posted on March 01, 2023 in: School News, Academic Achievements, School Showcase

Pre-School Goes 100

St. Columba School's Preschool celebrated 100 days of school. Each student used 10 frame cards to find 10 ants scattered around the room.  Once they found 10 ants they placed them on a 100 chart while counting 1 to 10.  After all 100 ants were found together we counted to 100.

Going Clockwise starts at 12 with Alaina Stockum, Dirk Davis, Natalie Marotto, Sydney Rogers, Eleanora Wills, Charlotte Carney, Gavin Doclosen, Savannah Sheehe, Leiana Orzolek, and Wyatt Vargo being the 11 o'clock.