Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition & Financial Aid

The Diocese of Harrisburg and The Neumann Scholarship Foundation will be using FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment to calculate financial need and determine EITC/PKTC/OSTC scholarship qualification.  Many of the schools of the Diocese use FACTS for tuition management, and families are familiar with FACTS.

The application process will be an all online one which provides immediate turnaround of submitted data, one-click translation to Spanish, and, if families need assistance to complete an application, they are allowed to come to St. Columba for assistance. 92% of all financial aid applications processed by FACTS are completed online.

The online application is more akin to a TurboTax or TaxAct experience, rather than completing an online pdf document.  To help, parents can watch a short video that guides them through the process and then can see what forms are necessary to complete their application.

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Tuition and Fees For The 2020-2021 School Year

Academic fee for students in Grades K through 8: $250.00

Diocesan Mandatory Technology (IT) Fee: $50.00 per family

Please contact the school office for current tuition rates at 570.784.5932, or contact the school office via email at

We do not differentiate tuition and fees for families of other denominations. 


Neumann Scholarship Reminder

Families requesting financial assistance for the school year MUST complete the on-line application. Please follow the link to complete by the due date.

Online Application

This application must be completed in order to apply for local scholarships as well.